Ashmore Little Athletics


The Ashmore Centre uniform consists of a green, black and white polo shirt available for purchase at the Centre at a cost of $40.00.  The polo must be worn with plain black shorts or bike pants. No logos of other sporting bodies, organisations or advertisers are permitted on the shorts. Footwear is compulsory and hats are highly recommended. At the time of registration you will receive an age label and a registration number. The age label must be attached to either the left hand side of the short leg or the left hand sleeve of the polo. The registration number should be edged and attached to the Centre front of the shirt and be clearly visible should the shirt be tucked in. The name of the athlete and season should be clearly written in the space provided in black waterproof marker, eg. Mary Smith 16/17. This polo and shorts are compulsory and must be worn at every Centre, Regional and State competitions.

Standard Polo shirt $40.00
Black lycra shorts (girls) $20.00

Attention Parents: athletes can be disqualified for not wearing the correct uniform. Please ensure your child/children are correctly attired to avoid any disappointments.


Suitable footwear must be worn by all athletes, while competing in all events at Little Athletics Centres. The Brian Johnston Athletics Track, as with any public facility continues to experience vandalism. Broken glass has to be removed from the grandstand and track every week prior to Centre competition. This, along with biting insects and thorny plants, makes the wearing of protective footwear a necessity. Parents should encourage their children to wear shoes at all times.

    1. Spikes may be worn at Centre level in the U11 to U17 age groups at the discretion of the Centre Committee.
      • Spikes must be no longer than 7mm (synthetic track)
      • Spikes must be no longer than 9mm (synthetic field)
      • Spikes must be no longer than 12mm (grass track or field)
    2. Spikes must be carried onto the track and to the field event areas and then removed on completion of the event. I.e. May only be worn from the commencement of an event and MUST be removed immediately at the finish of the event.
    3. Spiked shoes must not be worn in the stand or outer areas of the track.
    4. Spiked shoes should be carried in a suitable bag at all times and stored safely when not in use.
    5. Any athlete not exercising care when using spikes may be disqualified from wearing them for the remainder of the meeting.
U6 U7 U8 U9 U10 U11 U12 U13 U14 U15/16/17
Relays ☓(*) ☓(*)

*Spikes in Relay races for Under 11 and 12 permitted at State Championships only.