Sun Safety Policy

Ashmore Little Athletics


The health of participants is of primary concern to Little Athletics Queensland (LAQ). It is acknowledged that skin cancer is a major public health problem in Australia, with 2 out of every 3 people requiring treatment for some form of skin cancer in their lifetime. It is recognised that skin cancer is preventable and like any other medical condition, it is best dealt with by the application of preventative measures. While LAQ will endeavour to assist with sun protection when at meetings, training and competition, it is accepted that ultimately the responsibility is with each individual and/or – in the case of children – their parents or guardians.

  • Where practical LAQ will endeavour to schedule activities outside the hours of peak UV readings. Where this is not practical members are advised of the need for extra sun safety precautions during those hours (approximately 10.00am and 2.00pm).
  • LAQ will endeavour to have broad spectrum 15+ sunscreen or zinc cream available for members and spectators.
  • LAQ will recommend affiliated Centres conform to “Queensland Cancer Fund Guidelines for Sun Safe Clothing” when choosing uniforms.
  • Members will be encouraged to wear a hat/cap which protects the face, ears, neck, shoulders and crown of the head when participating in little athletic activities.
  • 1.5a Members will be encouraged to wear shirts with sleeves and collars and to use broad-spectrum 15+ sunscreen appropriately on exposed parts of their bodies.
  • 1.5b Affiliated Centres are required to design uniforms which incorporates shirts with sleeves and collars.
  • 1.6 LAQ will recommend affiliated Centres specify materials with appropriate UV protection ratings when designing uniforms. (Sunburn will occur about 5 hours through material rated at UPF 20; and about 8 hours for UPF 40).
  • 1.7 LAQ supports the use, by its members, of 100% UV protected sunglasses during LAQ activities. It is also recommended these glasses have safety lenses.
  • 1.8 Maximum use will be made of existing natural shade.
  • 1.9 When natural shade is not adequate LAQ will endeavour to maximise the use of alternative shade facilities.
  • 1.10 When attending events at various localities controlled by other bodies, LAQ will endeavour to provide suitable portable shade structure for its members.
  • 1.11 LAQ will endeavour to promote sun safety in a positive way, through newsletters, written literature and over the public address system.
  • 1.12 LAQ will ensure that coaches, officials and members in prominent positions will act as strong role models in respect of sun safety practices.
  • 1.13 LAQ officers will regularly revise and upgrade sun safe protection measures as appropriate.
  • 1.14 LAQ will endeavour to act in a sun safe manner when competing regionally, interstate or nationally.

LAQ will publish its sun safe policy in its annual year book which will be provided to all affiliated Centres for distribution to every member’s family.

2.1 Affiliated Centres will be advised that parents/guardians registering their child/children are to be:
(i) Shown the LAQ’s Sun Safe Policy and encouraged to comply with it, and
(ii) encouraged to:
(a) purchase appropriate sun safe clothing including protective uniform clothing where available for their child’s/children’s usage.
(b) Provide 15+ broad-spectrum sunscreen or zinc cream for their child/children.
(c) Promote sun safe behaviour to their child/children.
(d) Provide safety sunglasses which filter 100% of UV for their child/children.

LAQ will require affiliated Centres to adopt and promote similar sun safe policies.