Competition Days

Ashmore Little Athletics

Competition Days

Our Centre competition days are held on Saturday afternoons at the Brian Johnston Athletics Track, Dominions Road, Ashmore (adjacent to the Police & Citizens Youth Club). The start time is 1.00pm and we normally finish at approximately 4.30pm.

Over the years we have experienced problems with parents not receiving information that directly affects their child. Parents, who cannot stay, please do not drop your children off in the carpark and leave. Please stay and listen to the weekly announcements and read the notice board.

Under 6 age group

It is a policy of our State Body (Little Athletics Queensland) that the under 6 year age group athletes can only compete at Centre level and that they cannot compete at Regional or State level competitions. We also ask that all Under 6 parents and/or another family member remain at the grounds during Centre competition.

Under 16 and under 17 age groups

Ashmore Little Athletics Centre offers competition for U16 and U17 athletes. These athletes compete on the same program as the U15’s and are to comply with the Centre rules and regulations including the current uniform policy. U16/U17 can now compete at regional and state competition

Parent participation

To enable the smooth running of the Ashmore Little Athletics Centre on a weekly basis we require the assistance of parents and/or other family members.

The duties you will be asked to perform consist of timekeeping, measuring heights and distances, recording results and acting as Age Marshalls. Please do not be shy. Feel free to ask for help at any time. This Centre cannot operate without your help.  The Ashmore Little Athletics Centre also seeks help from parents with regard to behaviour management so that together we can create a safe and enjoyable environment for all. Please encourage your children to respect their fellow athletes and parents. Unruly or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated with extreme cases being reported to the Centre Manager.

Also, for the safety of athletes it is a policy of the Ashmore Little Athletics Centre that all athletes remain at the Brian Johnston Athletics Track at all times during competition including all training sessions during the week. The Centre takes no responsibility should your children leave the grounds.

Cancellation of competition

We will always endeavour to conduct Centre competition, although due to weather conditions this is not always possible. Given past experience a decision to cancel a Centre competition day cannot be made until approximately 12.00 pm and this will be advertised at the Ashmore Facility. Any cancellations will be posted to club’s website and Facebook page.

Group warm-up session

Prior to the start of competition on Centre days a group warm up session is conducted. All athletes are required to participate in this session. The aim of the group warm up session is to teach athletes how to conduct their individual warm ups and to instill in them the habit of warming up before an event. It is important that the older athletes participate in these warm up sessions as their involvement has a positive affect on the younger athletes. All athletes should conduct their own warm up routine prior to each event.


The Centre recorders maintain master recording sheets that list each athlete’s individual performances for every Centre competition day. However, all athletes are encouraged to keep their own record of performances and improvements at home. Each athlete receives an Achievement Book at the time of registration and tickets showing times or distances are given for every event completed. These can be placed in the Achievement Book as a permanent record.